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Intelligent home health guardian

With Artificial Intelligence

Our world is full of challenges

Protect the respiratory health of your loved ones

Brise AI Guardian angel


Guardian Angel with Artificial Intelligence

It senses and analyses your home’s environment, it diagnoses and recommends action to protect you and intelligently improves your home or work eco system to help prevent, ease, solve asthma and allergic symptoms for a healthy deep breath.


Allergy and Asthma management control

It accurately monitors your environment and respiratory system while automatically diagnosing to actively control your air quality and guide you to ensure a healthy deep breath


Smart & Intelligent

The more it learns from you, the better it can provide you a personalized clean air environment for your daily activities.

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Smarter than others

We care about your concerns


Let the purifiers collaborate for better air

With BRISE you can integrate as many purifiers or BRISE monitors as you need for efficiently clean air distribution with an optimized sensing of pollutants.


Angel manages your filter replacement

Simply tell the angle to send you your air filter automatically exactly when you needed it directly to your home


AI air filtration

Based on the design of HEPA Smart, BRISE integrates a variety of filtration technologies into a multi-integral filter that achieves excellent results and it's easy to replace.


Our certifications


Used by hundreds of hospitals

Family - tens of millions of hours of clean air. Clinics​ - tens of millions of hours of clean air

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